Top 50 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Songs – The Complete Taste Of His Music

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The 50 Greatest Hits Of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

And Here We go

Live At Washington, 1993

The most Divine Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Song Ever… it made me feel the Existence of God
None Other than …” Allah Hoo ”
This unforgettable piece was recorded in 1993, Washington, USA

Don’t forget to close your eyes and switch off the light to experience the divinity of the song…

Next one on this list is the Forver Superhit ” Jhoole Jhoole Lal” .. This Performance is taken from Nusrat’s performance in Spain back in 1994-1995 …. get ready to Dance in ecstasy

And now comes the most intoxicating song ever, Jeff Buckley one said that this was the song that saved his life , I myself have a few personal stories … but that’s for some other time… you might have guessed that it’s none other than “Ye Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai”, choosing the best recorded version of this song is next to impossible for me , I have heard this song in 5mins to 68 minutes versions…

Haq Ali Ali , the second most powerful Traditional Qawwali of NFAK, People have been seen banging their heads , in total trans, listening to this song.. this was NFAK’s first recording in in 1972 i guess, and initially became a massive hit in Faisalabad and other parts of Punjab.

  1. haq ali ali the 28 min version or the live in brackell fest has to be on the top of the list , also include the 70 min version of ye jo halka halka saroor

  2. On the list should definitely be “Ay Athra Ishq”. Its very different and actually a hard tune to carry. I love NFAK’s treatment of the poem. I’d also have to add “Rabba Lakh Lakh” because of the sheer briliance of the recording and performance.

  3. It should also have “likh diya apne dar pe kisi ne is jagah pyar krna mana hai” and “Jhoole laal Jhoole laal” from volume 10 osa

    • I will have ” Jhoole Lal Jhoole ” from Album Shahbaaz, its lot better in recording as well as feel..
      And of course .. “Likh Diya ” will be there in list

  4. Sun Charkhae
    Yadaan Vichde Sajan
    NI main Jaana jogi de naal
    Akhiyaan Udeek Diyaan

  5. Hey, thanks for sharing with us. keep posting and please do post on Rahat Fateh Ali Khan songs list also.good job keep up the work.

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