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Top Fan Tributes :
“If God (whoever he is) could choose someone to sing on his
behalf, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Nusrat would be it”

Unknown Fan, Duluth, Georgia, USA

“people just saw or listen him….but in real i feel his voice in my veins and what effects on my body my god know very well so in real I listen him…..
Listen to Nusrat… is like – worship of GOD” – Bintu Chaudhary

“Whenever i listen qawwalies of Nusrat Shaheb, I feel he is shadow of Hindalwali Khawaja Garib Nawaz.” – Vineet Misra

“Legend dies young. God realised he made the mistake of sending his angels to Earth, so he has to take them back. Ustad Nusrat was one of them. Sir, you need not walk on this Earth. You reside in hearts.
– Prakash