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Happy Birthday Nusrat!, You Will Live Forever

Nusrat Fate Ali Khan – The Man & His Music

64 years it has been , And In My Life & In Life Of Millions Others , Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is Still Alive . I sometimes Wonder how different world had been if he was still there Making it a place where ” People from All Religions , Countries and Languages live in love and Harmony ” . Many you might be knowing that the birth NFAK was nothing less than God’s blessing  for their family  , as he was born after four sisters… Her sisters were so happy that they were running out in streets shouting and writing on walls that ” God blessed them with a brother” , who knew that day it was a blessing not just for their family but for the entire world. Read the rest of this entry


Brooklyn Qawwali Party Performaces (Videos) Part 3

BQP – Bringing Back The Magic & Dance

Check Out The Performances Of BQP……

Words Cant Describe their dedication & devotion….

Brooklyn Qawwali Party plays Mustt Mustt

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Brooklyn Qawwali Party — In their Own Words (Extended Biography) Part 2

Brooklyn Qawwali Party

Paying tribute to one of the world’s greatest vocalists, Brooklyn Qawwali Party formed to honor the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, reworking his thunderous songs for an eclectic, eleven-piece orchestra comprised of groundbreaking jazz musicians. Funky, smart, and loving, BQP captures the joyful spirit of this Pakistani folk music in a unique instrumental blend of jazz and Qawwali. With five horns, guitar, bass, harmonium, and three percussionists, this band’s buoyant rhythm will be sure to get you on your feet and clapping.

The ensemble includes:
Tony Barba – tenor saxophone
Loren Stillman – alto saxophone
Ben Holmes – trumpet
Ryan Keberle – trombone
Brian Drye – trombone
Robert Jost – French Horn
Noah Jarrett – acoustic bass
Mike Gamble – electric guitar
Kris Davis – harmonium
Conor Elmes – percussion
Brook Martinez – drums

Click Here To Listen BPQ best

The Extended Biography

A singer does not acquire the nickname “The Voice From Heaven” for no good reason. And anyone that has ever heard Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan knows this moniker to be fitting. Yet Nusrat was more than a singer; he was an ambassador of Sufi/Islamic culture and art, as well as the modern seed of a seven-hundred-year-old lineage of qawwali singers. In his all-too-brief life, he transformed the folk music of Pakistan into something ready for – some would say craved by – global audiences

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